05 ottobre 2010

ViF CLOSET #1 {first scents of Autumn}


1.  All Saints cropped Worley leather biker 
2.  Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra necklace  
3.  ModCloth Sugar and Nice dress  
4.  Zara velvet tapered trousers 
 5.  Spitfire clear lens glasses 
 6.  Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather loafer 
 7.  Sephora by O.P.I. nail color in Under my Trench Coat  
8.  Jigsaw silk twill bow pintuck shirt 
9.  Miss Selfridge Lilly Day bag

4 commenti:

jennine ha detto...

great pics! i've been obsessing over those loafers for a while now. i may just submit!

frdb ha detto...

I know, they are awesome!! If you're interested I've bought a quite identical pair (except they are not in patent leather) at Urban Outfitters this summer...much cheaper!! :D

Amy ha detto...

I love the Jigsaw silk twill bow pintuck shirt. It's really gorgeous. Is this from an old collection because I haven't seen this in stores.

frdb ha detto...

You can find it on the Jigsaw website, I've checked right now and it's in the first page of "shirts" section... ;D
(I'm seriously thinking about it, it's so classic and elegant!!)