17 settembre 2010



In questo collage (adoriamo i collage!!) abbiamo raccolto tutto ciò che ci ispira in questo momento. Forse aver visto A Single Man una ventina di volte potrebbe averci influenzato...
Intanto godetevi il meraviglioso editoriale di Francesco Carrozzini per Vogue Italia, la collezione invernale disegnata da Marc Jacobs per Louis Vuitton e Mark Ronson in versione Buddy Holly.

This is a mosaic of all the images we have collected that are inspiring us right now. Maybe the fact that we have watched A Single Man something like twenty times could have influenced our choices...
Anyway, we hope you'll enjoy the amazing Francesco Carrozzini's editorial, featured in the last issue of Vogue Italia, the fall/winter collection designed by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and Mark Ronson, Buddy Holly-style.

3 commenti:

Francesco Artibani ha detto...

Ragazze che dire?

In bocca al lupo per il blog, adoro le fotografie di fra e il vostro stile in generale.
Un bacio grande!

Previously Owned ha detto...

loveeeeeeeeeeeeee it! srsly! Not only this post, but I love your blog! haha def. following!


Anonimo ha detto...

Hi...I've just seen your amazing brand new blog! You seems to be very talented...I love this b. coz' is different from the others blogs that i watch every day...so,please, keep it on this way girls!And remember something"women want to beautiful,not redicolous "
God bless you.